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Welcome to the home page of our congregation. We are located at 3015 Dublin Road in Street, Maryland 21154. We are officially part of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. We are blessed to have supply priests from Maryland to lead our Sunday services and support our Christian program.

Perhaps you would like to see our FaceBook page. Look for “Church of the Ascension in Deer Creek Parish”.

Our congregation is small and family oriented, friendly and compassionate. The services are at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday with Holy Communion, Sunday School and a sermon. On the first Sunday of each month we have a coffee hour and fellowship. A warm welcome awaits all who join us.

If you have any questions, please direct them to our Senior Warden, David McMullen, 443-807-7499. If you have other inquiries, such as sending money in memory of individuals, use of facilities, or general donations send your inquiry to our Treasurer, Mr. Gregory Buckler, 3460 Mill Green Road, Street, MD 21154.

History of the Congregation

This history is based upon the writings of Delmer Huff, a well known and liked member of the congregation.

The Church of the Ascension was consecrated on October 6, 1882 by the Right Reverend William Pinkney, Bishop of Maryland. The Church of the Ascension is one of two churches that comprise Deer Creek Parish which was established in 1859. The church was originally built in Darlington, Maryland in 1872 by a Mr. Scarborough (likely Josiah Scarborough). When a new stone church was built (Grace Memorial Church, our sister church), the old church was dismantled and moved to “90 perches” of land deeded to the Vestry by Josiah and Sarah W. Scarborough, on April 8, 1882 in what is now, Scarboro. The church is of “country neo gothic” style. Originally, it was sheathed by board and batten siding. In the 1920s the old siding was replaced by more conventional weatherboarding. Also, in the 1920s a vestibule was added to the front of the church. During the 1930s a furnace was installed to replace two stoves used to heat the church. A storm during 1948 damaged all the windows on the north side of the church, resulting in a decision by the congregation to replace all of the windows with memorial windows. A parish house was added in 1949. In 1960 a new electric organ replaced the old pump organ. In 1963, a new edition to the parish house was added including indoor plumbing, and enlarged Sunday school rooms.

You may contact our congregation electronically using our email address:

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Church of Ascension is to serve God and the people of Scarboro and the surrounding communities. We are known for welcoming and giving everyone and anyone the opportunity to worship and serve God while continuing to spread the word of God and Christ’s Kingdom to all people. We pray that the love and devotion of the members of the Church of Ascension, both past and present, will continue far beyond the almost 150 years that a congregation has been in existence in Scarboro. We pray also that this church may serve as a haven to all who seek His love, understanding, and forgiveness.

We believe that making a positive impact on individuals is an integral part of walking in Christ’s way. As a result we reach out regularly to our community members. Some of the activities include pancake breakfasts, Easter Egg hunts, Trunk or Treats, scrapbooking, and Lenten discussions.

Our location

We are located at 3015 Dublin Road, in Street, Maryland. Dublin Road is Maryland route #440, which runs north from the Ady Road (Maryland #543) to US #1.

From Bel Air, go north on US #1 to Maryland #543. Turn left on Maryland #543 (Ady Road). Go about three miles and you will see our sign which points you to turn right on Maryland #440. We are 2 1/2 miles north on the right side of the road.

From Conowingo, or the north, go south on US #1 to Maryland #136. Turn right. Go on until you see our sign suggesting you turn left on Maryland #440. Turn left on Maryland #440, and go south about 1 1/2 miles. We are on the left side of the road.

From PA, go south on Maryland #136 and turn right to Maryland #440. We are about five minutes south on the left.